Food for thought-From Here to Eternity Supper club

21 October 2019

When I was asked to perform recently at a Supperclub, I was curious. Ive done many things in my longish career but never literally sang for my supper! And the idea of being able to get back doing what I think I do best, perform with my guitar in an intimate setting some of the score from From Here To Eternity was too good to refuse.

And get fed! A five course meal no less!

Well of course I said yes.

I’ve always warmed to a challenge and doing something new. And to meet and spend an evening with a selection of lovely fans of FHTE was a very special opportunity indeed.

And so it was.

It was terrific to hear the many questions about From Here To Eternity and answer as honestly as possible as one delectable course after another was served. All in the moody glow of the flickering candlelight.

Wine flowed. Conversation was never stilted and a such a wonderful evening was had by one and all.

I simply adored singing our score from From Here To Eternity. Unplugged so to speak. Songs I don’t think I’ve ever sang in public before. More Than America. Ain’t Where I Wanna Be Blues. Run Along Joe. Another Language. Boys of 41 and a few others. And of course the rousing Tom Pettyesque Fight the Fight!

The one thing I kept thinking in between each song was, these lyrics are so damn good.

Sometimes even I forget the genius that is Tim Rice.

Sat with my guitar on a simple chair with my dinner guests literally only yards away should have been slightly nerve wracking. But they were such an appreciative audience I also threw in a few other songs from a couple of my other shows. I had a terrific time. I hope they did as well. So much fun.

I think we were all reluctant for the night to end. I know I was. But as in all good parties the time finally came to say goodnight.

We left and each made our way off into the London night. It was a special evening. Different. Memorable.

I would recommend anyone to take part and indeed go see a Stage Left Nights Supper Club if you get the chance. You certainly won’t regret it.

I know if asked I’d love a return performance.

In fact I’m hungry for more.

Stuart Brayson Oct 2019