03 March 2019

Synoposis of Pink Angora Sweater

Pink Angora Sweater is a hot new British Musical by the incomparable west end composer Stuart Brayson (From Here To Eternity). This musical that follows the life and crazy times of cross-dressing war hero Edward D Wood Jnr; often billed as the worst film director of all time. The story takes place in Hollywood in the mid-1950s and looks at Ed Woods strange, yet endearing relationship with out of work horror movie star and morphine addict Bela Lugosi.

The audience watches as Ed, with his equally bizarre array of friends, tries desperately to find finance for low budget cult movies such as the cross-dressing oddity ‘Glen or Glenda’, and the sci-fi classics ‘Bride of the Monster’ and ‘Planet 9 from Outer Space’ while trying to keep an intimate secret away from his fame hungry fiancé Dolores, that he likes to wear women’s clothes. Indeed he often wears her clothes, including her underwear, skirt and the infamous, pink angora sweater. This fast-paced hilarious musical comedy features a great selection of new songs ranging from the amazing songs, “Keep The Public Entertained” up-beat feel good “Pink Angora Sweater” to the enchanting “Sweethearts” and is surely destined to become a camp classic.