Under the nom de plume, Teen, nineteen year old Stuart was the flamboyant theatrical frontman/songwriter for this exciting and glamorous rock band as they performed exclusively at most of London’s top music venues and nightclubs.

Inspired by David Bowie and T. Rex, POP were once described as Britains AHA.

The future appeared to be solid gold after the peroxide blonde Teen approached Tim Rice at the Park Lane Hotel in Piccadilly, handed him a cassette of one of his songs called Cheated Love and the world renowned lyricist decided to become POPs full time manager.

POP then recorded a highly acclaimed album, attracted a lot of media attention and on the cusp of promised international chart success split up.

Stuart went onto forge a career in musical theatre but has never stopped writing and privately performing from his extensive self penned POP song back catalogue. These include diverse strands and genres of pop music from funk to soul, glam to hard fast rock, power ballads to blues, standards to rap.

Indeed it is estimated Stuart has written over 1,500 POP songs.

After years in the wilderness Stuart and POP have reformed and in 2019 decided to once more perform as a rock band. But only exclusively, privately and if the venue and occasion appeal to them.

Did you ever hear this? My last pop album. A country flavoured effort produced by Graeme Duffin (Wet Wet Wet-Guitarist/producer)

It’s called, One Throw of the Dice.


If you wish to hire POP for an exclusive or private function or event, meet Teen and hear songs from Stuart's vast POP repertoire in an intimate setting then contact POP using the contact form.