Jimmy Mac a New Musical


Imagine ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ meets ‘Pal Joey’ with shades of ‘Stop the World I Want To Get Off’ and the result will probably be ‘Jimmy Mac’.

In this new very funny show about modern relationships we follow the life and journey, ups and downs of the lazy dreamer Jimmy Mac through four contrasting love affairs with four totally contrasting women. First up is Sharon, the lonely homebody and homemaker: all she wants is a man who will come home at the end of the day and treat her well. Then comes Chantal, a headstrong French dancer with ambitious plans; all she wants is a man who will make her dreams of fame come true. Then we meet Alice, a well-to-do opinionated woman of class and breeding; all she wants is a man who will shock her father and provide her with a little light interlude before she settles down with some Duke or Viscount. And finally there’s Lucy, a sweet-natured nurse who sees only the good in everyone and only wants to support her man through both the good and bad times.

Jimmy’s life is on trial and the women in his life are both judge and jury in this surreal, madcap, melodic, musical feast. Which woman will win the day and the heart of our would-be Don Juan?

Jimmy Mac is the new musical for a new generation by Stuart Brayson (From Here To Eternity) featuring 20 new songs by Brayson.

Firstly we meet and are introduced to four attractive yet completely different young ladies from contrasting walks of life. Sharon (Hairdresser) Chantal (French dancer) Alice (Heiress) Lucy (Nurse) These are the women who captured the heart of Jimmy Mac. Then the ladies act as both judge and jury with Jimmy captive throughout the piece, a prisoner in a wheelchair. So we begin our story with the birth of Jimmy Mac and great things are expected of him. However as Jimmy grows he is a loner and outsider and soon dreams of escape from the humdrum of a 9 to 5 existence using his one conceivable talent. He thinks he is irresistible to women. After Jimmy loses his factory job he meets humble shy hairdresser Sharon. To begin with Jimmy thinks she is the one and in his imagination an unfinished melody begins. This could be his muse. Sharon is unimpressed at first but gives way to the certain charm or persistence of Jimmy and the two are in time married. The relationship is doomed as Jimmy has artistic ambitions while Sharon seems at first only determined to be a good wife. In time she becomes clingy and somewhat possessive. Sharon is not the exciting potential muse Jimmy thought she was, actually she is quiet, timid and rather boring. Soon Jimmy’s philandering ways get of hand and it is time to move on.

The unfinished song in Jimmy’s head returns and this time Jimmy finds himself in Paris where he meets Chantal. Chantal is a french dancer at the Moulin Rouge. Unlike Sharon, Chantal has vast ambition is sexy and exciting and offers Jimmy an exotic future. Jimmy believes at last he is in love. Chantal is his muse. However Jimmy soon finds himself out of his depth as Chantal becomes increasingly overpowering, money grabbing and self centred. Jimmy finds himself down to his last few cents and it is obvious Chantal’s only love is truly for herself. Soon the unfinished song returns and Jimmy retreats, limping somewhat to the safety of home skies and away from Chantal and her devious ways. Chantal is also not the potential muse Jimmy thought she was.

Determined now to not fall for the first woman that comes along what does Jimmy do? At a casino Jimmy falls for the first woman than comes along. Alice is a heiress and from another social background compared to our loveable if somewhat gullible working class rogue. Alice sees in Jimmy a way to get back at her aristocratic if somewhat stifling father. And Jimmy seems content to be dressed up and used as her plaything thinking this time Alice could be the one. The gulf between the two could hardly be wider and soon Jimmy resorts to alcohol and of course other women to make up for his now almost invisibility. Jimmy plays away for the last time and once again the unfinished song in his head returns. Alice was also not the muse Jimmy though she was. He moves on.

However Jimmy is now a shadow of his former self. Washed up the years and the women have indeed taken their toll. Down and out and near deaths door a kindly nurse, Lucy takes a shine to him. No more the confident soul Jimmy this time begins a relationship from a different perspective. Lucy is a simple, but decent and honest soul. Unlike the other three ladies in Jimmy’s life Lucy doesn’t seem to have a game plan and encourages Jimmy to find himself and the song he has been constantly searching for. It seems Jimmy and Lucy share a common ground and true love develops.

Finally it appears Jimmy has found his muse and the song he has constantly heard and followed his entire life is complete he begins his new life with Lucy, his soul mate. The trial of Jimmy Mac is over and the jury reach there judgement. Was Jimmy Mac a vagrant user of the female sex or indeed was it the other way round? Was Jimmy simply a romantic who followed his heart and suffered because of it?

"Hope you all enjoy Jimmy Mac as much as I enjoyed writing it. Seeing a dream come alive is pretty cool!"