Jonah and his astounding dancing Whale


You think you all know the famous biblical story of Jonah and the Whale. Really? Well did you know the absolute true story of how Jonah actually made friends with a Whale called Albert who could dance? Well Albert couldn’t dance, but he wanted to desperately learn and for a Whale that’s a big challenge. And Jonah, on a mission from God no less, is determined to help make Alberts dream come true.

At last, because its 2019 probably, we can now tell the entirely true story of Jonah and his Astounding Dancing Whale, a new breathtaking musical extravaganza all set in sunny Israel 758 BC that will make your eyes water and your heart sing. Did I mention it’s all true? Well, I like to think it’s true and after you’ve seen Jonah and his Astounding Dancing Whale I’m sure you will too!

When a boy and Whale come together on the ballroom of life anything’s possible!

Jonah and His Dancing Whale is a completely sung through musical. Written especially for a large group of young people to perform and enjoy. This could be very young children or late teens right through to early twenties.

The piece is completely self contained so set needs or could be optional indeed it could and maybe performed as a concert as the story is in the lyric and narration.

Songs include, Have You Ever Tried To Teach A Whale To Dance? You Can Count On Me. Mr Evil. Children Save The Day. The Promised Land. A Whale of a Whale. How Long is the Road? And many, many more. It’s lively, melodic and great fun!

Words and Music by Stuart Brayson